The Journey Of Affiliate Marketing So Far

In the world of digital advertising, affiliate marketing has seen several rises and falls repeatedly. It started with an interesting origin, fell from grace, grew better and currently is on a quest for redemption. With a history of over two decades, affiliate marketing has had an unusual journey so far. It has been hard at times to understand if it is truly as good as it claimed. Now, affiliate marketing has become the means to reach a global audience and increase sales.

How it all started

Affiliate marketing started back in the 90s. Since then, the idea has principally continued to be the same. It has always been a marketing tool to counteract the uncertainty of traditional marketing tools. It could provide businesses with the means to reach a more widespread and global audience. The business owner would pay the affiliate a commission based on sales or clicks.

So, if a business had a product or service to market to a global audience, affiliates would consent to work on promotion. Each time they make a sale, the company would pay them a predetermined amount. This unique distribution structure radically transformed the Internet and brought in the rapid growth of e-commerce.

However, some people resorted to fraudulent activities and used misleading domain names. That meant affiliate marketing was becoming less than popular.

At that time, the Internet was essentially unregulated and a new platform for commerce. The entry bar was lower than brick-and-mortar or even for a traditional online business. Affiliate marketing started to become a way to make quick money for some companies and individuals.

Safer, Better and Stronger than before

To overcome these shortcomings, genuine and hardworking affiliate marketing industry leaders strive to make extra efforts to gain the trust of businesses with secure payment processing and state-of-the-art fraud protection. Not just that, several tech companies crack down on scammy advertising. Overall, affiliate marketing will likely be safer than ever for affiliates, businesses, and consumers. Many accept to put products on their platform only after going through stringent compliance reviews. They also encourage manufacturers to vet and thoroughly select affiliates. From their end as well.

Proper control and oversight reduce fraudulent activity and thus increase the industry’s appeal. This gains significance as e-commerce retail is growing readily, especially after the current ongoing pandemic.

Now it is essential than ever before for small and new businesses that don’t have digital marketing experience or an established brand to build a flexible plan to have a solid online presence.

When done right, Affiliate marketing is likely to be one of their essential drivers for growth and further balance their prior dependence on the in-person shopping experience. It is also the same even for large and well-established companies equipped for e-commerce. The industry can contribute an additional channel to their overall marketing strategy, providing cost-effective and regular new customers.

Both types of companies get to profit from the lower cost of affiliate marketing, the global growth and exposure affiliates provide, and the presence of reputable online affiliates compared to the traditional ones.


Affiliate Marketing Done Right

It comes as no wonder that affiliate marketing is now an essential and permanent aspect of the web. The referral link enables nearly anyone to make money by observing the rules.

Those with an established brand can integrate affiliate marketing through an affiliate network or marketplace. An affiliate network allows a business to network with other companies, set specific commissions and bring in affiliates with a working understanding of the industry.

Working on affiliate marketing as a part of a marketing strategy doesn’t mean that the business has to go all in. It can limit affiliates to one particular offer built for tracking commissions and easy promotion.

The most reliable way to integrate an affiliate marketing channel is by being extremely particular about the affiliates they engage in promoting their brand. Some companies can think about matching their offer with a comparable offering from a complimentary company.

It doesn’t matter if you still do business from a totally brick-and-mortar setup or are entirely online. Every company gets to feel the effects of the changes in buying patterns.

Affiliate marketing isn’t just the best solution to overcome the issues in e-commerce. It is undoubtedly one of many tools available to businesses. It provides an equal opportunity to small and new businesses to complete the ever-changing business scenarios and claim a share of the online global market.

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